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candle reading meanings

A high, steady burn means that there is a lot of energy going into the spell. It does not always mean the spell will be successful, but the results are likely to come quickly and powerfully. This could point to a weakly conducted spell, prayer, or general intention. Focus your energy, and perhaps fine-tune and direct your intention with time and effort.

Look at the shape, color, timing, and movement of the smoke to gather helpful information about the working. A low-burning flame indicates less energy is fueling the spell. A small but steadily burning flame is still a good sign—though it signals a need for patience and focus. If the candle flame increases in size during the working, it means the energy behind the spell is growing. If the candle refuses to light, it means the spell will not help you win the results you are looking for. The results may have already been determined or are out of your control.

Puffs of Black Smoke

It is also believed that the flame was the thread that should unite all of humanity. This flame is the presence of a fairy, angel, or spiritual entity—peace, tranquility, inspiration, clarity, and calmly brought by blue flame. Flame is a sign of all kinds of evil sources, and get protected, regain well-being and find yourself for a moment.

candle reading meanings

Choosing the right candle color for your spells and rituals can mean the difference between good results and extraordinary ones. Candle divination by smoke is called ceromancy and can give you important information on the results of your spell or ritual. If your candle keeps unexpectedly going out and there is no draft or other real condition causing it to extinguish, your intentions are still being considered by your spirits.

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In some folk magick traditions, a flickering candle flame is a certain indicator that spirits are present. A flickering candle flame is mildly trance-inducing, so you can use it as an opportunity to scry the fire for additional insights. Courage, success, and confidence all come to mind with the color yellow, but what you’ll really want to hone in on with a yellow candle is joy. “I always think yellow is a good one on your birthday to celebrate that solar return and bring in all of that good energy,” says Potter. Yellow candles will represent the element of air, and can be utilized for spells related to intellect or focus.

People may enjoy the warmth of a candle flame when it suddenly gets very high. The flame is reacting to the sudden change in how your energy moves. So when you do a ritual, and your energy level goes up, your candle’s flame will get high. This is a good sign that your vibration is high enough to get you through this spiritual exercise. She also adds that while it can be tempting to keep a candle burning in an effort to reach your goal faster, that’s not actually how it works. White candles are ideal for new beginnings and fresh starts.


Once your candle is melted, you can use the third method of ceromancy (also known as carromancy) to divine messages from the melted wax. If it starts splitting or you notice it’s moving in a certain direction, Quinn recommends asking your guides what they’re trying to tell you. If the smoke it traveling away from you then it’s time to start practicing patience because it’ll take some time. Excess movement and crackling can indicate that the magic is battling for you. I would also bring in some backup like a trusted spirit guide or ancestors to aid. If the flame is small and your candle isn’t suffering from manufacturing issues then there is work to be done.

Proceed with the working, but be ready to do some clean-up afterwards. I’ve listed as many candle signs and superstitions as I can, learned from my many witchy teachers and friends. Keep in mind that signs and omens are very individual, and your methods of reading them will evolve over time. “With candle magic, you’re going to have an intention set,” she adds. “So, candle magic can help with facilitating manifestation, and it’s a ritual practice that allows you to connect with the divine.”

Black or White Soot Remains in the Candle

Many people ask me what does the flame on the candle burning mean. Now that you know what the spatial diameters of the candle’s vigil glass are, you need to determine the latex wax and flame reading, soot and residue reading. Candle reading can easily be done while the candle is burning and physical or mental notes have to be made as the candle burns with dates to be added onto the notes.

You will need to cleanse yourself plus the ritual space and stop working until you get more information. Smoke which dramatically moves in the opposite direction from you is a representation of energies that happen to be going the opposite direction. It denotes that there is something that is currently escaping from your grasp. But if it is a spell for healing, manipulating others, and influence, the traveling smoke might mean that it is going to work as you have planned.

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The time of day to light your candle should be related to the goal, some spells are best at sunset or sunrise and others are best to burn at the witching hour of midnight. Candle magic is quite popular and a form of spell work that tends to be extremely effective. Personally, candle flame meanings I carry out magic only when the situation appears desperate and even then I’m conscious that we should not change fate too much. To draw in great influences, working when the sun rises is positive and in the evening when the sun goes down casts off negative influences.

candle reading meanings

It’s not overbearing or at the risk of getting out of control. The candle flame might not be the most passionate available, and most are relatively low and predictable. The power you put behind your intent is ideal, and you’re burning that energy with purpose.