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But if you still want to speed up downloading uTorrent on your Mac, the information provided below should help you. Read on to learn how to speed up uTorrent downloads on your Mac. Unlike most torrent sites, this site does not limit the amount of data you can use to upload or download files.

This is why you should only download torrent files from trusted sources and websites. The BitTorrent protocol is not in itself illegal or unsafe. It is just the means to share any type of file, and plenty of legal torrenting services do exist. The most popular torrent trackers, such as ThePirateBay and KickassTorrents, however, operate in a legal grey area, offering users free access to copyrighted content.

It is therefore important to realize that using BitTorrent or uTorrent is not illegal in and of itself. Using them will not, in and of itself, get you thrown in jail, banned by your ISP, or copyright trolled. However, if you use the protocol to share copyrighted media , those things might happen. With that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. In this article, we will give you a brief tutorial on how to make uTorrent download faster. The examples here all use uTorrent, but if you use a different client, most of these procedures will still work.

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Similarly, if the ratio of seeders is significantly outnumbered by the number of leechers , then it may take longer for your torrent program to download the complete torrent. Inside BitTorrent Classic, you can check this ratio by clicking the ‘Trackers’ tab and looking in the Seeds and Peers column. On the bandwidth area by default, the values forMaximum download rateis set to unlimited , if you see any other value change it to 0 value. Below there is aGlobal maximum number of connectionschange this value to 500.Leave other option as it is. There is a negative perception of sponsored adverts in torrents since they slow down the download speed.

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One might also end up downloading a malicious file while installing uTorrent on their macOS. Also, malware can immediately result in a data breach, which you definitely wouldn’t want. UTorrent possessed security flaws that risk users’ online privacy. Using and installing uTorrent for torrenting exposes you to potential risks and threats. Downloading torrents using the uTorrent client might lead to malware infiltrating your network. It usually happens when you download a bogus or fake torrent file.

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With that said, we know that once someone mentions the word “Torrent” in any conversation, people automatically start to think about piracy. Next comes an option that allows you to create a new firewall rule for uTorrent. Download your Torrents with blazing fast speeds and with extra privacy by using a SeedBox.