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Microsoft Windows .dll errors that occur when starting Windows or starting a Windows feature can be more serious and unfortunately more difficult to resolve. For these errors, we suggest you run through the basic troubleshooting steps for your operating system. If the program you’re attempting to run has only recently started to get the .dll errors, reinstalling the program may resolve your problem. A virus or malware infection could also cause ieframe.dll errors on your computer. Run a full virus scan on your system to see if any threats are detected. You can use a popular antivirus tool such as McAfee, Norton, or Avast.

The mentioned ways are the only ones that can help you troubleshoot this issue. If none worked for you, the last option is to reinstall Windows on your device.

Using Microsoft Process Explorer Tool

Install the latest available Windows updates for the smooth running of operations on your system. Check the “Recycle Bin”, the missing file might be there Digia dll. If you find the file, right-click on it and click “restore” to retrieve it. We started this journey back in June 2016, and we plan to continue it for many more years to come. I hope that you will join us in this discussion of the past, present and future of EdTech and lend your own insight to the issues that are discussed. This wikiHow teaches you how to fix your Internet Explorer web browser when it stops responding.

fix internet explorer dll error

When you encounter a Windows error, your first instinct may be to back up your data, grab the ol’ installation disk, and weep silently as you press the Reformat button. Still back up your data, of course, but by following this guide, you might well be able to repair your Windows install without dropping the nuke. If you so choose, you can get around this restriction with a simple Windows Registry change. Making this change will cause Windows 11 to ignore the CPU version check and install even if only TPM 1.2 is present.

What Is a DLL File?

In this case, you can run Program Compatibility Troubleshooter. You might receive ntdll.dll crash error while opening and using a program, or staring, shutting down and even installing your Windows. Wait for Windows to repair the app, and try to use it again. In case the error still pops up, you can consider resetting the app.